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Donations for Leasa and the Kids are Greatly Appreciated!

Donations with Heart HandsHey Everyone,

I’m writing this today to ask for some help from some of the most supportive people I know.

You have all done a wonderful job of supporting the studio and the studio’s fundraisers. Today, I am asking for help to raise funds and items on a more personal basis. I’m asking for help for my sister.

 Yesterday my sister lost her house and everything in it due to a fire. Her, my niece and nephews and their dogs are all alright. However, they lost everything except the clothes they had on their backs and their backpacks for school.


The studio will be hosting a drive to collect EVERYTHING from clothes, socks and blankets to food for the pantry. I’ve included a list of sizes in case you have some items from your closet or your kids closets you wouldn’t mind donating.

Gift cards to stores like Target or Fred Meyer would be helpful so she can purchase the kids new school uniforms and underwear. Books or games for the kids. Anything that might help them start putting the pieces back together would be much appreciated from the bottom of my heart and theirs.

Josh size 16-18,  shoe size 8.5

size 10 slim, shoe size 4

size 7, shoe size 11-12

size 8 or medium, shoe size 6.5.You can drop off your donations at the studio. At this time, she doesn’t have anywhere to store large items.I appreciate all your continued support for the studio and thank each and everyone of you for your efforts.
In good health,
Inspired Movement Pilates Studio, LLC


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  1. Hi Becky ~ I have a nice microwave, a leather couch and chair that I’m happy to donate once your sister has a place for it.

  2. Debra Petersen says

    Becky, I have a 25” TV, older style.set of dinnerware for 8, a couple of Fry Pans,assorted kitchen stuff.TP,Paper Towels,Some Bath Towels, Sundry Items.,I will bring it tomorrow to our semi,
    See ya in the Morning.

  3. Hi Becky, We have food and basic hygiene that we would be happy to help with. Also I think we have a waffle iron, and a few new pots and pans. I can get her some gift cards for Top Foods. If the kids need some toys and games we have those too. Please just let me know how we can help and we would be happy to.
    Director of Operations
    Puyallup Food Bank

    • Hi Shana, Thank you! I know my sisters really overwhelmed right now so I’m speaking behalf her. At this point we’ll take anything to help build a home for her and the little ones. Please let me know what I need to do. She might like to come down and pick out some stuff for the kids so I can bring her down. I know she’s in a world of hurt right now. Thank you so much. I look forward to hosting my food drive this year for our continued support of your efforts.
      In good health,

      • I will be at the food bank this Sunday, do you think she would be able to come in around 1:00 to pick out some things for the kids and for the pantry? Please let me know so that I can make sure I am here for her. I was just asked if I know of anyone who could use a firm mattress, I think it is a queen size but not certain. If you could let me know on the mattress right away that would be wonderful, I need to let the donor know so that if they don’t want it they can find another place to give it. Also I have some GREAT recourses that we may be able to tap into.
        Thank you for doing this for your sister, your niece and nephews. They are blessed to have you!!

  4. Shelby Forbes says

    I just collected a few monetary donations from my friends at church so I’ll mail that off to you at your address above. There’s lots more on the way. 🙂