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Help Others During the Holidays

Inspired Movement Pilates Studio is supporting two worthy causes during this holiday season. Please deliver all donations to the Studio by December 8th.

Puyallup Food Bank

Donate 10 food items or $20 in cash, and we’ll knock $10 off any Pilates package.

Inspired Movement Pilates Studio Food Drive

Photo courtesty of Puyallup Food Bank

About the Puyallup Food Bank 

The Puyallup Food Bank has been serving our community since 1972. And according to their website they, “rely upon churches, businesses and service clubs in the community…..approximately 90% of the non-perishable food items we serve are brought in through food drives held by local groups or businesses. During 2007, well over 200 locally sponsored food/fund drives were held, with sponsors including churches, schools, service clubs, offices, retailers, youth organizations, fitness centers, and social groups.”

Here are few items on their critical needs list:
-Peanut Butter
-all canned goods
-Toilet Paper/Paper towels
-All Thanksgiving related non-perishables

Items they do NOT accept incude:

-Opened packages of food
-Home canned or preserved food

Wishing Well Foundation

We helped them with a School Supply Drive this past August. Here are their greatest needs:

-Socks/underwear for Toddlers thru Teen NEW ONLY
-Gift Cards for Target, Old Navy, clothing stores

You can get up-to-date information on both these drives on our Facebook page.

Thank you!