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STOTT Pilates Stability Chair

Try our Stability Chair for a high performance workout

Imagine buttoning those once tight jeans. Now tuck in that cute shirt you just bought and strut your flat abs to your friends and family!


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Sound like a dream?

For most yes…But YOU can have the abs of your dreams with this simple, yet effective workout. It’s a great addition to any Pilates routine, whether you are in a group mat class or a private session on the Pilates Reformer.

The Stability Chair adds variety to your exercise routine and will focus on strengthening your ab and back muscles. With a strong core, you can live the active lifestyle you once had. Go hiking, take long walks, and enjoy the things you used to do!

From beginner to advanced, anyone can benefit with the Stability Chair. At Inspired Movement Pilates Studio, we incorporate this into our Reformer session when the client is ready and wants to add additional abdominal work to the routine.

Check out this 2-minute video from STOTT Pilates to get a feel for what this exercise is about. (Note: The exercise demonstrates advanced moves)

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